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The beauty of the wooden altar: materials and workmanship

Among the different types of church altar, the wooden ones are a very common choice. This material, in fact, allows you to create works of great beauty from an aesthetic point of view, but also very resistant and durable.

Marble altars: the elegance of the best materials for sacred furniture

Marble church altars are a popular choice for the liturgical furniture of churches. This precious material, in fact, offers an indisputable elegance and finesse, thanks to its natural veins and its unique texture. In addition, marble is a very resistant long-lasting material, which does not easily suffer wear and damage from atmospheric agents. 

Over the years, the styles of religious furniture of churches have changed, adapting to current trends. However, some styles continue to be very popular. One of them is the modern altar, characterized by essential and clean lines, which adapt perfectly to newly built churches.

The traditional altar style, on the other hand, is a table made of stone or marble, surmounted by a tabernacle and surrounded by candelabra and other sacred ornaments.

In recent decades new forms of altars have emerged that reflect the aesthetic sensibility of our time and blend well with other sacred furniture The important thing is that the church altar is always a sacred and dignified place, which favors the active participation of the faithful during the celebration.